Your donations could help Save Capel

Aug 17, 2020

Your support could help save hundreds of acres of beautiful green belt countryside in the Parish of Capel.

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council has spent huge sums of money on the development of its draft Local Plan. A good proportion of this has been spent on consultants and specialist expertise.

The developers, all set to make significant profits from the destruction of our countryside, have also invested heavily in ensuring they protect their profits. They have been hiring their own consultants in an attempt to justify their plans, and PR consultants tasked with trying to put a positive spin on their greed.

Despite this, a group of residents, local businesses and other parties who will be affected, not by a significant increase in wealth, but by a massive and permanent change to their quality of life, have mounted a David v Goliath-esque stand which has made others stand up and take notice.

However, as we head towards the next and final round of consultation in just a few months, to continue our fight on anything close to an even playing field, we too need specialist advice and support. We don’t have shareholders, financial backers, historic profits and family wealth to cover our costs. So we need the help of our community, of our supporters, of those who care about the countryside to help us stop those who would run roughshod over local communities who love where they live. 

We have spent time exploring our options for legal advice and support and have identified specialists in planning law with a history of success in similar battles. Your donations will enable us to challenge the ill-thought-out plans and protect Capel from disproportionate and unnecessary over-development.

To help, please donate whatever you feel able to. There are various ways you can do this, and full details can be found by clicking this button.

Thank you.

Your donation could make the difference. Please help us Save Capel

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