Donate now: help us fight the proposed overdevelopment of Capel

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Four thousand people have signed our petition to halt the plans and over three hundred have become members, helping to shape the campaign. This has resulted in an overwhelming number of submissions to the last round of public consultation.

But there are still major stages of the plan process to come.

To be able to challenge the well-funded and resourced developers on anything close to an even playing field is going to come with significant cost. We estimate needing another £20,000 to hire experts to support our submissions to the next consultation – Regulation 19. Beyond this, to make a legal challenge, which we are more than prepared to do if needed, could cost closer to six figures.

And so we are asking our wonderful supporters for donations to help fund this vital work.

Please help us continue to fight the threat of disproportionate development on our Greenbelt Parish. Save Capel would like you to donate directly to CGPS to conserve, protect and improve the Green Belt in Capel. The Save Capel Executive will work with the Trustees of CGPS to ensure all funds raised by Save Capel are spent by the campaign solely for the purpose of preventing the development of the Tudeley and East Capel sites in the Tunbridge Wells Local Plan. Once Save Capel ceases to exist any remaining funds will be spent on anything in accordance with the charitable purposes of CGPS.

Any donation made in excess of £100, where the beneficiary is identifiable, will be offered a pro-rata refund based on what proportion of total monies raised remains. I.e if half the monies raised remain a 50% refund will be offered. If you would wish to be offered a refund, please ensure we can identify you from your donation (registration on GoFundMe or reference on a direct bank transfer).