Tunbridge Wells Local Plan: Details of the proposed next version released.

Jan 7, 2021

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council (TWBC) has released a draft of its Pre-Submission Local Plan (PSLP), which, if signed off by three Council committees between January 11th and February 3rd, is due to be put out for consultation in March/April (known as Regulation 19). The documents have been released as part of a pack of agenda papers for the first council meeting on January 11th – Planning and Transportation Cabinet Advisory Board. This document has not been formally published and may still be amended before it is finalised.

You can access the files here, but please note that the main document – Agenda reports pack – is a large file at 54Mb.

We are extremely disappointed to see that the PSLP still includes both the major developments proposed for Capel, despite the community’s massive rejection at the previous consultation, which the Council themselves said was an unprecedented response. 

We will be reviewing the documents over the coming weeks. As with the last consultation, we will prepare resources and guidance to help our supporters make effective representations at this second consultation.

We will also be commissioning our expert legal and planning advisers to carry out a detailed, professional analysis of the revised plans for Tudeley and East Capel and to prepare our arguments for the Regulation 19 consultation and beyond.

We can do this thanks to our very generous community and supporters, and we would like to thank you all once again, particularly given the challenging period we have all been facing. As a result of direct donations, tea sales, Andrew Stanley’s summer walk and other activities, Save Capel, with support from Capel Parish Council and Capel Green Belt Protection Society, has substantial funds available to support this fight.

We are also still pursuing the replacement of the unsustainable Tudeley development with the alternative proposal for Castle Hill, which TWBC still has within its gift to do if it chooses the better option. To that end members of Save Capel and Castle Hill Developments are meeting with the Council’s head of planning and chief executive on Friday, January 8th – which we will report back on.

And so while we had hoped that the community would have been listened to and that this new iteration of the local plan would have reflected our concerns, with your support, we will continue to fight these unsustainable, unwanted plans every step of the way.

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So, Conservative members of the Planning and Transportation Cabinet Advisory Board fell in line with their leader, with a vote of 7/ 4 in favour of approving the draft Local Plan. Once again they are forging ahead against the wishes of 1000s of constituents. Sounds familiar?

Tonight TWBC Planning and Transportation Cabinet Advisory Board meet to approve the draft Pre-submission Local Plan. SaveCapel will be there highlighting the flaws and asking them to take more time to properly assess alternatives. Listen in at https://t.co/fH4xho3hlG

Yesterday Capel Parish Council voted unanimously to support, in principle, the Castle Hill alternative to Tudeley village. Today we have written to @TWellsCouncil to request an urgent meeting to call for its consideration as part of the draft local plan.

Help @savecapel and have a cup of tea! @ReginaldAmes has donated a selection of different branded Tudeley Tea’s to help us fight the TWBC Local Plan. ALL proceeds from the sale of this tea go directly to the campaign. For details go to https://t.co/ZlE8s3GqWa https://t.co/GFNt8ILFit SaveCapel photo

We must hope that TWBC grasps the nettle to reinvent Tunbridge Wells - there is certainly a lot of work to do there - instead of its current plan to bulldoze Capel and start again! https://t.co/mcOLVgjd9D

A bit long, but an interesting read, which explains the flawed thinking behind the need for so many new houses in England and probably TWBCs ill-thought-out response with its draft Local Plan https://t.co/jARsoMnucF