The Council’s Reply

Jan 5, 2023

Dear Supporters,

We would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas, 2022, our fourth during our fight to save our historic landscape from the threats of the Tunbridge Wells local plan.

Members of your Executive met with the new Head of Planning (Carlos Hone) this week to commence what we hope will be effective community engagement. The Council wishes to continue with the public examination of the local plan and has started to work through the options suggested by the Inspector. The officers are evaluating these with consultants and counsel but it will take some time before they recommend the way forward to the Council committee(s).

You can read what they have told Inspector Birkinshaw here.

Disappointingly, the Inspector is not seeking our comments on the Council’s letter at this time but we look forward to engaging further with him at the earliest opportunity.

For anyone who may have missed them, you can listen to the interviews broadcast by West Kent Radio on 22nd November 2022…

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As ever, the Save Capel Executive would like to thank you all for your continuing support. If anyone is interested in contributing more to the campaign, please contact us via email to

Stewart, Ian, Dave, Maggie, Charlie, Jan and Mark

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Save Capel on Twitter The national inspector advises TWBC drop Tudeley town from its proposed local plan...Kind of what we said!
Interesting that the Inspector still has to ask for so much information on 'Duty to Cooperate' - TWBC knew other Local Plans had failed on this, so surely they should have adopted a belt and braces approach...
It will be interesting to see whether TWBC has a ‘duty to cooperate’ ace up its sleeve on 29 March.
Day 2 of the public Local Plan examination. It's certainly worth a listen . We hope that all the Cllrs that voted the draft plan through are now paying attention to what they voted for.
There is growing voter anger about the 17000+ acres of green space Kent could lose if developers are allowed to take the easy option to build on greenfield instead of brownfield Kent MPs beware! @GregClarkMP #savekentsgreenspaces
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