Nov 23, 2020

In recent months, the Save Capel Executive was represented at a series of online meetings with dozens of Flood Action Groups, hosted by the National Flood Forum (NFF), which included the development of a response to the proposed changes to the planning system in the Government’s ‘white paper’ – Planning for the future.

The response focusses on how the current planning system fails communities at risk of flooding, where local knowledge is largely ignored, and the Government’s proposals do nothing to address this. The proposals will reinforce the current inequalities, leading to even less democratic input. Peoples’ voices, their knowledge and evidence are absolutely central to creating safe places, at each and every stage of the planning system.

There is an opportunity to revise the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) to tackle climate change and its impacts, with a particular focus on the greatest ongoing threat in the UK, flooding. Managing flood risk from all sources to defined levels should be absolutely central to the NPPF, and its delivery in each local plan.

The Save Capel Executive has endorsed the report submitted by the NFF, which can be downloaded here. 

The National Flood Forum is an independent charity established to help, support and represent individuals and communities at risk of flooding and has been doing this across the country since 2002. Around 300 Flood Action Groups are affiliated with the NFF.

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So, Conservative members of the Planning and Transportation Cabinet Advisory Board fell in line with their leader, with a vote of 7/ 4 in favour of approving the draft Local Plan. Once again they are forging ahead against the wishes of 1000s of constituents. Sounds familiar?

Tonight TWBC Planning and Transportation Cabinet Advisory Board meet to approve the draft Pre-submission Local Plan. SaveCapel will be there highlighting the flaws and asking them to take more time to properly assess alternatives. Listen in at

Yesterday Capel Parish Council voted unanimously to support, in principle, the Castle Hill alternative to Tudeley village. Today we have written to @TWellsCouncil to request an urgent meeting to call for its consideration as part of the draft local plan.

Help @savecapel and have a cup of tea! @ReginaldAmes has donated a selection of different branded Tudeley Tea’s to help us fight the TWBC Local Plan. ALL proceeds from the sale of this tea go directly to the campaign. For details go to SaveCapel photo

We must hope that TWBC grasps the nettle to reinvent Tunbridge Wells - there is certainly a lot of work to do there - instead of its current plan to bulldoze Capel and start again!

A bit long, but an interesting read, which explains the flawed thinking behind the need for so many new houses in England and probably TWBCs ill-thought-out response with its draft Local Plan