Save Capel lobbies Cabinet Advisory Board members

Jan 7, 2021

Ahead of the Planning and Transportation Cabinet Advisory Board meeting on January 11th, Save Capel has written to the 11 members of the board urging them not to recommend the draft Pre Submission Local Plan to Cabinet.

This is the first of three councillor meetings where the plans need to be approved. The next, on January 21st is the Cabinet and the final one is Full Council on February 3rd.

If the document is signed off at all three stages, with the exception of minor amendments allowed by the Head of Planning, Stephen Baughen, this is the version of the plan which will be issued for Regulation 19 consultation in March/April and subsequently sent to the Planning Inspector for their sign off.

The letter, which you can view by clicking the image below, reiterated the overwhelming rejection of the plans at Regulation 18, and ultimately pressed for a delay to allow full consideration of the plans presented for an alternative at Castle Hill and to ensure a fair and reasonable consultation could be carried out that was not disadvantaged by restrictions relating to the coronavirus pandemic.

Click the image to view letter

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Save Capel on Twitter The national inspector advises TWBC drop Tudeley town from its proposed local plan...Kind of what we said!
Interesting that the Inspector still has to ask for so much information on 'Duty to Cooperate' - TWBC knew other Local Plans had failed on this, so surely they should have adopted a belt and braces approach...
It will be interesting to see whether TWBC has a ‘duty to cooperate’ ace up its sleeve on 29 March.
Day 2 of the public Local Plan examination. It's certainly worth a listen . We hope that all the Cllrs that voted the draft plan through are now paying attention to what they voted for.
There is growing voter anger about the 17000+ acres of green space Kent could lose if developers are allowed to take the easy option to build on greenfield instead of brownfield Kent MPs beware! @GregClarkMP #savekentsgreenspaces
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