SAVE CAPEL – KENT DAY OF ACTION 28th November 2021

Nov 17, 2021

Save Capel is supporting the Save Kent’s Green Spaces day of action taking place on November 28th, 2021. On this day campaign groups across Kent are collectively challenging development on more than 10,000 acres of the county’s green space, much of which is prime agricultural land and green belt, as is the case in Capel.

Some 18 (and growing) campaign groups are taking part with activities in their local areas planned for the day of action, all trying to stop the rampant development that is threatening to destroy the Garden of England….

Here are the plans for Save Capel supporters…

There will be two separate meeting points to mirror the TWBC proposals, an hour apart so those who wish to participate in both can do so. Afterwards, you are invited to a social gathering at the DOVECOTE on Alders Road, if you’d like to round off the event with a toast to our beautiful countryside. And if you wish to enjoy one of Shell’s fantastic Sunday lunches, it’s advisable to book: 01732 798289.

EAST CAPEL: 12:00 (please park by 11:45 to ensure there is time to join the group at Tudeley)

There is little scope for parking on the A228 and, for safety reasons, we strongly urge people not to cross the A228. The same applies to the railway crossing. We suggest drivers park on the Paddock Wood side, close to the footpath on the Mount Pleasant junction with Cogate Rd (TN12 6AL) (red circle).

We will gather (green circle) to take pictures and, hopefully, a drone will fly overhead. If you have any SC boards or posters to wave, please bring them.

TUDELEY: 13:00

Please park at the church (red circle – below) – make a small donation for parking if you can. For those who are walking, follow the footpath through Bank Farm (blue arrow). We will congregate on the footpath in front of the church (green circle – below) for more photos and, hopefully, the drone. If you have any Save Capel boards or posters to wave, please bring them.

Once done, if people need a lift to the Dovecote, I’m sure anyone with a space in their car would be happy to help out

Your donation could make the difference. Please help us Save Capel

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