Quiz Night – 14 March 2020, Goldsmid Hall

Feb 1, 2020

Kindly organised by Save Capel supporter, Valerie Coleshill, with all proceeds being donated to the Save Capel campaign, the evening is set to be a great chance to have fun while you pit your wits against your friends and neighbours.

Tickets for the event cost £5 and teams can include up to six members. Please reserve your place by emailing Valerie at valerie.coleshill@sky.com

Please bring your own drinks, snacks and glasses to help fuel and lubricate your grey matter. And if you have some change with you you might be lucky in the raffle also being held on the night.

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#GardenVillageVisions Would you be prepared to look at the proposals for Capel when the Masterplan is published next year, and give us your assessment?

#GardenVillageVisions Where transport infrastructure in existing new garden villages has not been put in place despite promises, is there documentation showing why the plans were not deliverable? This would be useful to show where a new development is not workable.

#GardenVillageVisions Your findings around what is proposed not being realised is concerning. How do we ensure the deliverability of the proposals? And how do we hold the developers to account?

#GardenVillageVisions Are there resources showing costs for roads, cycle paths, bus services etc. for recently built developments? Our local borough is promising excellent infrastructure for the proposed stand-alone 2600 home development but we are concerned it is not viable.

. @TfNHomes
We also have one of the highest car ownership/usage already in Kent & well above the national average with no credible mitigation proposed. Section 10 of your report sounded very familiar and we have some questions. #GardenVillageVisions 2 of 2

. @TfNHomes Hi, we are in Capel Parish, Tunbridge Wells Borough, facing 4300+ homes in a rural community that would create urban merger across the entire parish. This includes a new garden village and the doubling of a small town on GV principles. #GardenVillageVisions 1 of 2