Pre-AGM Update

Sep 13, 2021

Annual General Meeting

The AGM is now scheduled for 8.00pm on 20th September 2021 at the Capel Village Hall, Five Oak Green. Members of Save Capel can attend the AGM and vote on any resolutions; a separate email has already gone out to Members about the meeting. Supporters who are not Members can become Members very easily at and it costs nothing. And if you do become a Member and attend the AGM you will have the extra incentive of cheese and wine after the meeting!

Fund Raising

One of the areas of focus for the Save Capel Executive for the next few months is raising more funds which will help to engage Barristers, Planning Lawyers and other Professional Experts, as we prepare for the Inspectors’ Hearings which will happen if TWBC submits its current Local Plan.

Save Capel Raffle Tickets

£1,000 first prize, £5 per ticket

The Executive is putting together a plan of fundraising events for the coming months. We sincerely hope that the relaxation of Covid rules can continue to allow us to engage with you all physically through events and to experience the community spirit in person. It was great to see many of you at the Capel Community Get-Together last Saturday; Ian and Angela Pattenden did a great job “manning” the Save Capel stall. Those that attended will now know that we have launched a Grand Raffle, between now and Christmas. There will be three prizes, a first prize to the value of £1,000, the second prize to the value of £500, and the third prize to the value of £250. Tickets are on sale now and the Executive and other Members may well be approaching you to participate in the Grand Raffle and to continue your support of our campaign.

Capel Greenbelt Protection Society (CGPS)


As many of you know, Save Capel works in association with CGPS and Capel Parish Council (CPC); we all have the same aims and it is helpful to be able to call on each other’s resources when needed. Also, as CGPS has charitable status, we use that to help to manage the funds Save Capel receives, and as a result we are able to show an extra level of governance over how the funds are raised and also to benefit from Gift Aid in relation to the majority of your donations.

Dave Parrish, and the other Trustees of CGPS (Konrad Legg, Robert Assirati and Hilary Andrews) have put together a couple of useful slides to show their objectives and actions. Dave will be speaking at the AGM.

Please contact More information is to be found at our website:

Capel Greenbelt Protection Society slide
Capel Greenbelt Protection Society slide

So please think about converting to Member status as above, attending the AGM if you do, and help us with getting a great response to the Save Capel Grand Raffle.

Thanks for your ongoing support

On behalf of the Save Capel Executive
Stewart Gledhill, Ian Pattenden, Maggie Fenton, Jan Mueller and Charlie Keeling

Your donation could make the difference. Please help us Save Capel

Save Capel on Twitter

As it rains yet again today we are keen to get a response from @TWellsCouncil SaveCapel photo

So, @TWellsCouncil once again Facebook is flooded with images of flooding in Capel and Paddock Wood. Yet you think it's Ok that over 60% of housing in your Local Plan will be in this area. Even Government is starting to see this is a huge mistake SaveCapel photo

The @Savecapel reg19 response to TWBC 'Regulation 19' consultation can be viewed at It’s sad that so many TWBC Cllrs approved such a flawed plan. If only they had taken a closer look and not simply succumbed to the planners scare tactics.

Congrats to @HughCapel the new Borough Councillor for Capel! A resounding and well-deserved win. It is also a great demonstration of what a community can do when it is sidelined and ignored by those who are elected to serve it. The fight to Save Capel continues. It's a good day!

Are you unsure about how to register your views about TWBC plans for Capel? We have created a ‘how to’ guide to help you make your submission in the correct format. This will be your last chance to make your voice heard at Reg 19.