PM says he will protect our vital green belt

Mar 5, 2021

At Prime Minister’s Questions on March 3rd, 2021, Boris Johnson was asked whether he would support Dudley Council and its Mayor, Andy Street in their drive to reduce building on the green belt. His response seemed to suggest his support for building on brownfield land across the country.

The question came from Mike Wood, Conservative MP for Dudley South. He asked: “Mr Speaker – The Prime Minister will know from his time working in the Black Country how important our green spaces and Green Belt are. Will he make sure that Dudley Council and our Mayor Andy Street have the powers and the resources they need to ensure development is on brownfield rather than valuable green spaces, and make sure that local people’s voices are clearly heard and taken into account including where the proposed development is across local authority borders like in the surrounding Green Belt in Dudley South?”

The Prime Minister replied: “Indeed, Mr Speaker, we will protect or green belt, our vital green belt, and which constitutes, I think,12.4% of our land, but we can build our homes, as my Right Honourable friend rightly suggests, 300,000 of them on brownfield sites across the country”.

The question and answer can be seen on BBC iPlayer, 13mins 55secs into Prime Minister’s Questions from March 3rd 2021.

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As it rains yet again today we are keen to get a response from @TWellsCouncil SaveCapel photo

So, @TWellsCouncil once again Facebook is flooded with images of flooding in Capel and Paddock Wood. Yet you think it's Ok that over 60% of housing in your Local Plan will be in this area. Even Government is starting to see this is a huge mistake SaveCapel photo

The @Savecapel reg19 response to TWBC 'Regulation 19' consultation can be viewed at It’s sad that so many TWBC Cllrs approved such a flawed plan. If only they had taken a closer look and not simply succumbed to the planners scare tactics.

Congrats to @HughCapel the new Borough Councillor for Capel! A resounding and well-deserved win. It is also a great demonstration of what a community can do when it is sidelined and ignored by those who are elected to serve it. The fight to Save Capel continues. It's a good day!

Are you unsure about how to register your views about TWBC plans for Capel? We have created a ‘how to’ guide to help you make your submission in the correct format. This will be your last chance to make your voice heard at Reg 19.