Help oppose Tarmac quarrying at Stonecastle

Jan 10, 2020

KCC is considering a planning application from Tarmac regarding quarrying at Stonecastle (near Whetsted). The application requires objections to be lodged by January 17th 2020.

Personal, heartfelt objections by as many people as possible will hopefully persuade KCC and TWBC to look again at other sites for quarrying and reject the application. Please help – have your say and tell all your friends to have their say before it is too late. If this application is successful, we suspect that extensions will be granted and a further 200 acres of green belt land will be quarried.

Details are at Continue at the bottom of the first page online, have a good read of the documents and then click on the Comments link at the top of the next page to enter a comment.

You may have already logged an objection during one of the previous rounds of consultation for Tarmac’s application. Please go ahead and object again. This round of consultation was triggered by a new report being produced by Tarmac’s consultants – Terra Consult – which can be viewed at the link above.

Here are some issues to consider when raising objections regarding this application at Stonecastle, followed by an example of an objection raised by a local resident:

Increased landscape and Visual Impact- Cumulative Effect of Further Development of Quarrying and Housing. These development proposals would collectively remove approximately 1,000 acres of Green Belt land and would lead to further ‘URBAN SPRAWL’, effectively connecting several rural villages with Paddock Wood and Tonbridge. Huge Increase in HGV’s passing through our villages and on the A228. Environmental impact/damage including noise, dust & light pollution. Increased Flood Risk – Flood Plain Zone 3. Increased Flood Risk to Villages that already flood. Loss of wildlife, plant life and biodiversity. Loss of productive agricultural land and associated employment if quarrying is extended. Lack of detailed aftercare provisions. No positive benefits to the local community; a negative impact on the community’s wellbeing. Complete lack of Climate Change mitigation. Potential pollution to the river Medway. Contamination from adjacent landfill sites. Geological Concerns. Safety on Public Rights of Way on site. Rat running through villages to avoid traffic delays will create noise, air pollution and safety issues. Road Safety – especially at the Whetsted Road/A228 Junction near site entrance. (KCC/Police recognised Crash area).

“ObjectionI am extremely concerned about the resumption of quarrying at Stonecastle. The recent Terra Consult report refers to old data with significant omissions. The possibility of contamination from old landfill sites and the impact on flood risk to Five Oak Green and beyond are very worrying. I know that more detailed representations are being made by local residents who have dedicated huge amounts of time to checking data, carrying out their own investigations and research, so I will keep this objection statement brief, but please rest assured that there are very strong arguments to turn down this application and I sincerely hope that you listen to local residents’ concerns and look again at quarrying options in safer locations.”


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#GardenVillageVisions Where transport infrastructure in existing new garden villages has not been put in place despite promises, is there documentation showing why the plans were not deliverable? This would be useful to show where a new development is not workable.

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We also have one of the highest car ownership/usage already in Kent & well above the national average with no credible mitigation proposed. Section 10 of your report sounded very familiar and we have some questions. #GardenVillageVisions 2 of 2

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