Has it all gone quiet over there? No it hasn’t, we still have that mountain to climb!

Jun 28, 2021

After the frantic work to get our Reg19 submission in, you may have thought we’ve all taken a holiday – fat chance, even if we could!

There is still a lot of work going on behind the scenes. We are analysing the excellent responses many of you, and others, have made. So far, surprise surprise, they are mainly negative. A good mixture of rational and emotional responses; we needed both, so thank you.

You can view Save Capel’s representations on our website Save Capel’s response to Regulation 19 • Save Capel

Some highlights:

  • KCC have put in a response which we would describe as 4 out of 10, but try again before we submit a Statement of Common Ground (SoCG).
  • TMBC put in a short, yet robust, response and will be discussing the content of their SoCG on Tuesday 29th June.
  • Our MP, Greg Clark, has made a couple of interventions:

– about Paddock Wood and the plans to close the bridge over the railway (which is a main thoroughfare)

– and something to do with a development on the golf course at Hawkhurst!

– Nothing about the Strategic sites at Tudeley and East Capel!

– And he issued an email setting out his seven principles for the TWBC Local Plan – nice words, but, where’s the accountability behind them?!

We wanted you to know we are still on the case, maybe working in the background, but we will keep you updated.

The short term objective could best be summarised as “Persuading TWBC, now a “hung Council” to delay submitting their Local Plan to the Inspectorate.” This buys us the time to do even more in-depth analysis/research to combat this nonsense, and to raise funds to enable us to give you, our Supporters, the best chance of success.

We therefore need to be patient, but still diligent, until TWBC pronounces whether, based on the Reg19 feedback, they want to take this forward to the Inspectorate.


Keep the faith. The TWBC cage is definitely rattled, however, we must keep up the pressure on them and the Local Plan process.


One of our favourite supporters is James Pavlou who has created his own website concerning Walks Around the Tonbridge area. https://www.walktonbridge.co.uk/

Read His Story of why he has created this, and then if you look at his latest brand new posting, “Trinity Walk (no 22)“, it is all about what we are striving to protect. James is independent of Save Capel, although a supporter, so the views he expresses are his own, and heartfelt they are.

Please take a look, try The Trinity Walk, or others on the website, and make your own mind up about what the crazy TWBC plans will do to the area.

We are going to be promoting James’s website to national and local media. If anyone is in doubt about what potential building on Green Belt will do to the region, this will hopefully convince them.


There is much going on at a national level:

  • The proposals for the new Planning Reforms
  • The Housing Needs debate as to which year’s figures to use
  • The Chesham and Amersham by-election result and it’s potential impact.

Boris Johnson warned homes plan is turning off Tory voters after Chesham & Amersham by-election loss | News | The Times

Letter: Figures from minister are out of date | Bournemouth Echo

More locally, the results and fall-out from the recent Local Elections creates an environment that is interesting, still frustrating, but gives hope for the future.

AXA to sell two more offices in Tunbridge Wells as staff spend more time working from home | InYourArea News

Tunbridge Wells Tories remain in charge despite only receiving 32 per cent of the vote | InYourArea News

We are not alone! So, what is going on elsewhere with others who share our pain?


Next stage of Calderdale local plan hearings to begin | Bradford Telegraph and Argus (thetelegraphandargus.co.uk)

There are many more examples but we don’t want to test your attention span! Please contact us via savecapel@gmail.com if you’re interested in more detail.


With many, many thanks for your ongoing interest and support – let’s keep climbing that mountain!!

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