Electing your campaign Executive

Feb 11, 2020

In a week which has already reinforced the need for a strong response to the Draft Local Plan, as promised, we have further details of the upcoming vote for the Save Capel Executive and our AGM. Apologies in advance for the long email, but this is an important stage in our campaign.

Before we start, anyone who wishes to stand or vote in the Executive elections must be a Save Capel member. If you have not already done so, please become a member here – its free and doesn’t require any specific commitment.

This election aims to select up to seven individuals for the Executive who will work together to develop and drive the strategy for the ongoing fight against the borough council’s plans for development in Tudeley and East Capel.

Together, the Executive will be responsible for the direction of all aspects of the Save Capel campaign, under our new constitution, which can be downloaded here and will be ratified at the forthcoming AGM.

Candidates will serve a term of 12 months before a further election is held.

The timeline for the voting process is:

11 February 2020: Applications to stand for candidate elections open

13 February 2020: Drop-in session for prospective candidates to ask any questions they may have of the existing steering team

21 February 2020: Applications to stand for candidate elections closed

24 February 2020: Voting for the new Executive opens

6 March 2020: Voting for the new Executive closes

9 March 2020: Election results announced at the AGM

Applying to stand in the Executive election

Application to stand in the Save Capel Executive election is open to all members of Save Capel who are a minimum of 16 years old at the time of application. Membership is free and can be registered at www.savecapel.com/member

Applicants do not have to be resident of the parish of Capel.Applicants do have to have two supporters to propose their application. The supporters must also be members of Save Capel and at least one of those supporters must be a resident of the Parish of Capel.No specific skills are required. However, applicants have to be able to devote time to the role – to attend meetings and carry out a range of tasks including strategy development, stakeholder engagement, working party liaison, fundraising and event support, research and communications. To carry out many of these activities, a reasonable level of computer literacy will be required.While not required of applicants, some specific skills will be an advantage to the overall Executive and should be highlighted by applicants. These include, but are not limited to, experience in areas such as legal, finance, marketing communications, fundraising, event management, contract management/development, public speaking and project management.

Those wishing to stand can apply on the Save Capel website. Simply click on the link below and complete the online application.


The application requires the prospective candidate’s name and contact details, the names of the two supporters, plus a biography of no more than 100 words which outlines the reasons the applicant believes they are suitable for a role in the Executive. Applicants can also provide a profile photograph with their submission if they choose to. The biography and photograph will be made available to all members as part of the voting process.

Applications received after the application window closes at midnight on February 21 will not be accepted.

Drop-in session

A drop-in session has been scheduled for February 13, to be held in the Queen’s Head in the centre of Five Oak Green.

Members of the existing steering committee will be available from 7.30 pm to answer any questions prospective applicants may have about the executive role.

Anyone with questions, who is unable to attend this session, can email them to savecapel@gmail.com.


Voting will be open to members of Save Capel who are aged 16 or over.

Anyone wishing to vote must have completed the membership form at www.savecapel.com/member, or have delivered a postal membership form, by no later midnight on February 21.

Members will be able to cast their votes online or by post.

Further details of the voting process will be shared ahead of the voting window which will open on February 24.


The Save Capel AGM is being held on March 9 at Goldsmid Hall, Tudeley Rd, Tudeley TN11 0NW, commencing at 7 pm.At the AGM, the results of the Executive election will be announced, and the Save Capel constitution ratified. Further details of the AGM, including the full agenda, will follow.

If you have any questions regarding the Executive and the election process, please send them to the current steering team at savecapel@gmail.com.

Sent on behalf of the Save Capel Steering Group Dave Lovell (Interim Chair), Stewart Gledhill (Vice-Chair), Joanna Ginsberg (Secretary), Robert Assirati, Chris Callander, Maggie Fenton, Mark Ginsberg, Mike Howells, Hugh Patterson, Andy Rankine.

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