Andrew’s walk kicks off Save Capel’s push for donations

Sep 16, 2020

On a warm August bank holiday, Andrew Stanley walked the Capel Parish boundary to raise funds for our campaign against the Borough Council’s plans to build over 4000 houses on Capel. Not one lap, but two!

“The 33 miles was a considerable challenge,” Andrew said. “But I was pleased to be joined by my brother Kim which meant that we could encourage each other.”

Andrew suffered nasty blisters at around 25 miles but managed to complete the walk, the brothers even jogging the last mile and a half to get to the Dovecote Inn on Alder’s Road, where several supporters had gathered to welcome our heroes back with a cold beer. Andrew told us the applause, and the beer, and the funds raised, made the effort more than worthwhile.

“Large sums will be required to fight the Council’s proposals that will remove ‘rural’ from the Parish description,” said Andrew. “So, I would like to thank everyone who donated because you are really making a difference to Save Capel’s ability to challenge this ill-conceived plan.”

Andrew’s walk raised the incredible sum of £2,227 towards Save Capel’s fighting fund. That’s a fantastic total. Well done, Andrew! Huge thanks. Your walk set the donations off and running!

We will need more funds if we are to challenge the destruction of Capel successfully, so it’s not too late to donate if you haven’t done so already. And if you have, please help us spread the word to others who see the destruction of swathes of prime countryside as something that must be stopped.

Your donation could make the difference. Please help us Save Capel

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