And the winner is…

Sep 20, 2020

The entries to our recent photo competition saw a wide range of subjects submitted, all demonstrating what is special about the Parish of Capel and showing what we want to preserve and protect.

But of course, we had to pick a winner, which was no easy task.

The image which we felt best depicted life in Capel was this fantastic shot, submitted by Steven Hatch.

The picture captured the wide-open space, the farming activity and the productivity of the land, plus St Thomas à Becket Church; all in a well-composed image.

Congratulations to Steven.

In second place was a very atmospheric shot from Ian Hartley.

One of four images submitted by Ian, the judges felt this one had real drama. It showed that even on the days when Capel is not full of sunshine and blue skies, it is still very much worth protecting.

Thanks, Ian, for a great image.

In third place was a picture taken by Carole Thorpe in Whetstead Woods.

We loved how this image shows that it is not only those of us with two legs who enjoy the countryside in Capel. While the bluebells in bloom, one of many, bluebell woods in the Parish reinforced how Carole described this area as: “A sanctuary, at any time of the year, to enjoy a bit of ‘wild Capel’”. 

Thanks for sharing your image, Carole.

And thank you too, to all the others who sent in images, we enjoyed looking through them all. You can see more of the submissions on our gallery page –


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So, Conservative members of the Planning and Transportation Cabinet Advisory Board fell in line with their leader, with a vote of 7/ 4 in favour of approving the draft Local Plan. Once again they are forging ahead against the wishes of 1000s of constituents. Sounds familiar?

Tonight TWBC Planning and Transportation Cabinet Advisory Board meet to approve the draft Pre-submission Local Plan. SaveCapel will be there highlighting the flaws and asking them to take more time to properly assess alternatives. Listen in at

Yesterday Capel Parish Council voted unanimously to support, in principle, the Castle Hill alternative to Tudeley village. Today we have written to @TWellsCouncil to request an urgent meeting to call for its consideration as part of the draft local plan.

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We must hope that TWBC grasps the nettle to reinvent Tunbridge Wells - there is certainly a lot of work to do there - instead of its current plan to bulldoze Capel and start again!

A bit long, but an interesting read, which explains the flawed thinking behind the need for so many new houses in England and probably TWBCs ill-thought-out response with its draft Local Plan