AGM 2022 – Update for members

Aug 27, 2022

Dear Members,

I hope this update on the AGM finds you well and you have enjoyed the Summer.

We are currently required to hold an AGM in September at which members can attend and vote on important matters. At a recent meeting of the Save Capel Executive it was proposed to postpone the AGM until later in the year (latest March 2023). The main reasons behind this are:

We are still awaiting the decision and report of Matthew Birkinshaw, the Government-appointed Inspector, on the TWBC Local Plan. Until we receive this, we cannot determine what the future focus of Save Capel will need to be.
There may be some rotation in the Members of the Executive, which is dependent on a number of circumstances not under our control, before the AGM. If a member(s) of the Executive decides to step down we will need to ask for, and appoint, replacement(s). Based on the Inspector’s decision we would identify what skills might be missing for the future working of the Executive and thereby steer us to requesting volunteers who may have the appropriate skills.
Once we have received the Inspector’s decision and report, and considered the consequences and implications, we will then be able to inform members and propose a date to hold the AGM. You can follow any updates on the public examination here.

We believe that is the most appropriate way forward and hope you agree, but if anyone has any serious and relevant objections to postponing the AGM please let me know as soon as possible.

Many thanks for your understanding.

Stewart Gledhill


Save Capel


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Save Capel on Twitter The national inspector advises TWBC drop Tudeley town from its proposed local plan...Kind of what we said!
Interesting that the Inspector still has to ask for so much information on 'Duty to Cooperate' - TWBC knew other Local Plans had failed on this, so surely they should have adopted a belt and braces approach...
It will be interesting to see whether TWBC has a ‘duty to cooperate’ ace up its sleeve on 29 March.
Day 2 of the public Local Plan examination. It's certainly worth a listen . We hope that all the Cllrs that voted the draft plan through are now paying attention to what they voted for.
There is growing voter anger about the 17000+ acres of green space Kent could lose if developers are allowed to take the easy option to build on greenfield instead of brownfield Kent MPs beware! @GregClarkMP #savekentsgreenspaces
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